How We Met: Let's Play a Game

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

I was browsing through my new matches on eHarmony when I came across Tom's profile.  I checked it out and we seemed to have a lot in common so I decided to send him a short message.  Little did I know, he almost didn't respond, since one of my pics was me on a mountain in Colorado...thinking I was an avid skier (ha!  fooled him!) and not wanting to have to go skiing, he almost passed.  Good thing he didn't!

After a few brief emails, we decided to meet for our first date that Saturday.  I asked Tom where we would be going, and in true Tom fashion, instead of a direct answer he gave me three clues:  a flow chart, a quarter, and music.  After asking all my friends what this could possibly be, we decided he was probably sitting in a cubicle and just named the first three things he saw.

We agreed to meet at the Boathouse at 5pm, where I saw him standing at the TouchTunes machine.  He came over, and after introducing ourselves, he pulled out a flow chart.  Yes, I still have this flow chart!  The chart started with us meeting at the Boathouse, and flipping a coin would determine the rest of our date.  The first flip?  Heads would be indoor mini-golf, and tails would be 'date ends, go home'.  Again, Tom came prepared with two fake quarters, so if he met me and decided he didn't want to waste a Saturday night, he would pull out the double-sided tails quarter, and if he wanted to continue, he would pull out the double-sided heads.  I guess we all know which quarter he chose!